This city really is a super star. I have said it before – but it is worth repeating! While the rest of our fellow Canadians sit in their houses bundled in blankets and down duvets we are throwing open the windows and enjoying the marvel of Cherry Blossom season once again. They create such a magic here on the streets of Vancouver – officially allowing all of us to know that no more winter will be had. Warmer days are upon us and the tulips and daffodils are popping up to meet us in the next week or so. Ah Vancouver in the Spring! Oh – yes, I should note, we all think February IS the start of Spring round here. Don’t hate us.
In the spirit of Valentine’s Day I thought to write my own Valentine to the city I love. Here are three reasons why my heart swells.

We invented the California Roll

Okay – we didn’t invent it but TOJO did! (Tojo's) And the rest of the world has our city to thank. This famed roll brought great attention to our bountiful sea and creative city and was the true catalyst for making Vancouver one of North America’s culinary giants. No city in Canada has better sushi, period, and we have a handful of chefs that are revered across the globe for not only their innovative ideas but also for their knife skills. We also have really great Saki, but that is another conversation!

Our Airport

NO I am NOT crazy. Just ask the 19.36 Million people who landed there this past 2014.  Canada’s second largest airport (Toronto has to have one thing on us) our airport has one of the most famed entries in the world. It was like whoever designed the runways knew to make the planes coming in swing out over the water (when travelling from the east) turning around to face the city - smack dab in front of the coastal view of this spectacular place. I personally have heard audible gasps of wonder from fellow passengers as they take a glance out the windows. The mountains hug our jewel of a coast line and the brilliant towers, Lion’s Gate Bridge and Stanley Park are all laid out to see in their glory. Next time you travel – when you’re coming home – grab a window seat and allow yourself to once again see, with fresh eyes, the entrance that all those millions take in, reveling in our bounty.

Not to be Cheeky

Vancouver is host to Canada's only and quite infamous nudist beach.  Wreck Beach, offers amazing panoramic views of the ocean and distant San Juan Islands, (so I have been told, of course) there is about a half a mile of sandy shores on to which your cheeks can enjoy the sand and the sun. There is a lush backdrop of coniferous forest, and the wildlife roaming above and below you. You really feel like you are on the edge of the world. (Again, so I have been told!) So that as many folks can enjoy the scenery, they have created designated family area, a hippie-zoned party area and a gay area.  Nudity is completely optional, not a requirement. Wreck Beach caters to nudists yes, but with over 500’000 visitors a year don’t expect too much privacy.

Wreck Beach didn’t make it into my Valentine because I am simply a fan of baring it all under the bright sun – it speaks to the openness that runs through our city. A beacon of light that shows our diversity, our open-mindedness and that well, we ARE different from the rest of the country! More laid back, not taking ourselves so seriously. This makes me smile on the inside. 

Whatever or whomever you love this Valentine’s, I hope that you find yourself awed and inspired by them today. Allowing for you to be reminded why you love them, and that you are one lucky person.

I for one – darn lucky.

Happy Valentine’s Day Vancouver – I love you so much. I will never leave you. xoxo