There is nothing like Thanksgiving in terms of holidays. There are similar yes, but there is something a little ‘friendlier’ about Thanksgiving. No pressure for gifts, no religious restrictions, often just family and friends sitting around in sweats and PJ’s enjoying good food, good football and hopefully allot of laughs. I have always felt so at ease during this holiday. Christmas always feels more frenzied somehow, what with all the cocktail parties and festive nights that lead up to the splashy events of Christmas and New Year’s. Thanksgiving does not boast, is not flashy and is decidedly uncool. But it is still my favorite. The falling leaves, the cool air peeking in the windows as a pie toasts up nicely for the family to enjoy late in the day. Thanksgiving is a slow holiday.

Canada’s Thanksgiving festivities can be traced as far back as 1578 with the voyage that was in search of the Northwest Passage, at the helm was one Martin Frobisher and history was set in motion. After a horrid and trouble filled trip, they celebrated and sighed a big sigh of relief that they had made it, through one of the roughest seas, up against enemies, and unexpected pitfalls – they celebrated with  a feast and many thanks. Over the century’s major turning points in Canada’s history has been marked by similar feasts.  Though, it was not until after the end of the American Revolution that Thanksgiving took a permanent hold. Our American neighbours were coming north to settle in Canada, and with them, the traditions of Pumpkin, Turkey and the harvest celebration. We were hooked.

Always seen as a non-denominational holiday, Thanksgiving can be shared and celebrated by all Canadians, a truly North American family festivity. It allows us to feel patriotic, remembering that we are one great nation, a nation that promotes diversity and is seen world-wide as a global leader in the ‘being nice’ department and basically the easiest place on earth to be free and true to whom you are no matter what. That’s worth a Thank You. Considering as well that we have some of the largest most productive and fertile farms in the world, it does seem appropriate to take a hat off to all our incredibly hard working farmers, it is harvest season after all. Being a farmer sure isn’t easy, and feeding every corner of the world with our exports isn’t a picnic either. It is however a labour of love. And for that I am truly thankful. Thank You Farmers.

What else am I most thankful for this year?  Let’s see – My Health, My Family, My Doggy, My Friends, and a Career that I still love after all these years. Thanks to you all, I get to enjoy my role in helping you buy and sell your home. Creating lasting, trust filled relationships.  I so appreciate it.

To all of you this Thanksgiving – Thank you.