After last week’s posting I felt that I had found so much great information out there on how to re-fresh and maintain your home now that summer has passed that I have decided to keep on sharing – just like we are supposed to. I decided to make it a theme month here on the blog. For the next two weeks I will touch on a few more ideas on how to get your home ready for cozy nights, and happy living.

Last week we discussed the chimney sweep, firewood order, the gutter clean, and the clean and stow, and the whole refresh your linens idea. This week it’s all about safety! I am not here to make more work for you I promise! But owning a home and taking good care of it, proactively, not only makes for a happy home but also a better re-sale value. If we maintain a home as it is needed, down the road you will see the rewards of not having to do emergency fixes and costly repairs that can come when we procrastinate.

Fire Safety 101

Last week’s talk about getting out chimney’s all cleared out and ready for some cozy nights led me to thinking about other areas that will need to be looked after – namely your fire/smoke alarms. We expect that little device to protect us and our property – yet how often to do you really think to maintain it? I mean, you can’t really tell if it is working just by looking at the thing.

Just like any other electronic device, things such as dust, dirt and other contaminants can cause issues. Also, electronic devices simply wear and degrade over time and this leads to a compromised system.  The BC Fire Code recommends that we get a proper service call from a reputable company to inspect our fire/smoke/gas detectors each year. Since we will be shutting our windows and cleaning up summer dust September seemed like a great month to secure a pro. You will want to find a company that offers inspectors whom are certified an ASTT-certified fire protection technicians. They will not only check the device, but check its range and accuracy as well as any other devices connected and the main fire panel if your home or building has one. Many companies even offer a contract service where they just have you on file and return yearly at the expected time so you don’t even have to worry about making the appointment after the first one.

To learn more about BC Fire Safety click here.

Fire Extinguisher

Have you ever really tried to use one? Has it just been sitting idle waiting for a disaster – but if one was to happen would you know how to re-act?? We need to know and I mean really know how to use a fire extinguisher and when. For instance if you have a water based fire extinguisher – it is great for putting out a fire that lets say is paper or material based, but would not be used on a grease fire in the kitchen. Water and oil don’t mix.  It is best to keep a large barrel water based fire extinguisher in a central part of the home as well as a secondary unit in a garage and in the basement if needed. In your kitchen, keep a foam based fire extinguisher in an easy to grab place – say by the door jam, or just under the sink. Do not tuck it away in the back – you need this guy handy. Take a course at the local fire station – many offer this for free on how to properly dispense a fire extinguisher and how best to tame that fire. A little knowledge never hurt anyone, and this time it could save you and home from disaster. Here is a handy little how-to.

Next week I promise anything I add to your September check list will be a slightly more interesting item – but hey, SAFETY FIRST!