Anyone who knows me knows that I love adrenaline focused activities. Being a native of BC certainly makes finding things to do that get my heart racing easy!  I love all things athletic, but once in a while I like to push myself to do things out of my comfort zone, or at least, outside of my normal activities to keep things interesting. Boy oh boy do I have some interesting things for you to try this summer season! Jump, climb, dive and soar this summer with these activities that are sure to get your adrenaline going, heart pumping and even allow a scream to escape from your smiling face! Dare yourself to try something new and live to tell your tall tales!

Everybody Say Jump, Jump!

Skydive the City - Pitt Meadows
Pitt Meadows, British Columbia
Skydive the City

Skydive The City is open every day, weather permitting. Learn from the pro’s and start with a Tandem dive! Skydive the City is Vancouver's closest Skydive Center where you can enjoy the beauty of the Vancouver area, mountains & ocean during your flight to jump altitude! Bring your friends & family to share your experience, or simply cheer you on from far below. Make sure to bring a camera to make sure you capture your skydive. Skydive The City is conveniently located at the Pitt Meadows Airport. They are accessible by public transit routes inclusive of the city bus the Skytrain and the West Coast Express. Free shuttle pick-up is available from your bus or train stop. If driving, they are just off Hwy 7. Only 45 minutes from downtown Vancouver or minutes from Langley/Surrey by the Golden Ears bridge.

Sail Away Sail Away Sail Away…Paragliding

Parapete Tandems
Golden, British Columbia

Parapete Tandems offers Tandem Paragliding with your own instructor in beautiful Golden, BC. This world renowned Mt. 7 take-off is perched in the Rocky Mountains high above the town of Golden. It allows for almost a 4000 foot vertical glide to the valley floor below. WHOA! Soar over the spectacular snow-capped scenery of the Rocky Mountains with both Bald & Golden Eagles flying right beside you or try spotting a bear or elk in the Columbia Wetlands. Choose from a gentle cruising flight, a longer thermic flight or one with some "g" forces (which is naturally weather dependent). Relive your memory with a CD featuring inflight photos/videos shot with the amazing clarity from a GoPro camera that they provide. This is adventure is on my own ‘to-do’ list this summer!

Scaling the Wall - Rock Climbing

Skaha Rock Adventures Ltd.
Penticton, British Columbia

Skaha offers professional guiding & instructional services. These programs provide you with both an enjoyable and educational experience for the best value possible. All of the professional staff are all members of the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides, and are trained to the highest international standards. Since 1993, their business has grown to become one of western Canada's largest rock climbing schools, using the world renowned Skaha Bluffs of Penticton. This climbing mecca boasts the longest & sunniest climbing season in Canada! This is a favorite area for some of our European summer tourists as well as the local’s in the know. If you have yet to be out to Skaha – it is so worth the drive. Natural beauty abounds and you will enjoy a level of climbing appropriate to your fitness and skill level. This is a great way to spend any afternoon and do make sure to bring your camera for this scenery overload.

Finding Middle Earth – well almost, during your Cave Adventure

Horne Lake Caves & Adventure Camp
Qualicum Beach, British Columbia

Crystal clear water, amazing caves & spectacular scenery make Horne Lake one of the best camping & adventure destinations on Vancouver Island. Horne Lake Caves was voted the "Best Natural Outdoor Site in BC" by Attractions Canada. Explore this unique park above and below the surface.  On the trails, enjoy a wide range of programs from surface geology hikes to family-oriented cavern tours or popular 3hr. Spelunking Adventure featuring ancient fossils & amazing crystal formations. The crystals are my favorite part of the tour! Amazing! For more challenge, you can self-guide yourself through two rugged caves or go vertical on the "Extreme" expeditions - rappelling down underground waterfalls! Now that gets a gals heart pumping!

Coming soon we will explore some other adventure focused finds in BC such as canyon diving, (WHAT?!) white water rafting, deep sea fishing and much more…..stay tuned for amazing summer fun that makes British Columbia THE place to call home.