Over the weekend I was chatting with some of my friends over the state of the dating scene in Vancouver and where can they meet someone new and wonderful?? In a busy city like ours, where everyone is focused on their individual accomplishments and kept busy with their careers, it can be difficult to meet someone new. The times of being "hooked up" by friends may have passed too, and perhaps now you only have yourself to rely on to spark your own romantic life. So if you've been single for a while and you're beginning to feel like you're serially single like some of my pals, take up one of these opportunities in North Vancouver to meet new people – perhaps someone special – while doing something fun and exciting.

Bold and Blatant: TGIF Singles

If you'd prefer to be upfront about your relationship status and future wishes for finding a mate, perhaps the best way to go about it is by joining a social club that offers members the same straightforward outlook on life. TGIF Singles might be just the solution! This is a private social club that offers a calendar of social activities every month, and is exclusive to single men and women. Not only could this be the place where you could easily meet that special someone, but it will also be a membership that will give you the best social experiences, from brunch clubs to dancing lessons to team cooking. TGIF Singles is conveniently situated in North Vancouver at 977 Wellington Drive.

A Furry Wingman: King's Mill Walk

Recently, King's Mill Walk has turned into an off-leash dog park, and what better way to meet another local, dog-loving single than here with your furry friend as your wing-man? If you're a little on the shy side and would prefer to meet someone with a similar interest, your dog might be the perfect companion to entertain this idea with. Your dog certainly won't mind running around this park either, and since it's a dog owner duty anyways, make the most of it and start mingling with the fellow dog owners here!

Infatuation and Fitness: Griffins Boxing & Fitness

As mentioned, sometimes the best way to meet another single is by pairing similar interests, so why not pair your love of fitness with your romantic goals? Consider taking up some boxing lessons at Griffins Boxing & Fitness, which is located at 125 West 1st Street in North Vancouver, and allow yourself to be surprised at the number of prospects you'll find in this competitive and fitness-forward atmosphere. You just never know where you'll meet that special someone, and sparking a romance during a boxing match would certainly be a good story to tell.

So if you're feeling like you're serially single, all you might need to meet that special someone is some added participation in activities that you already enjoy. Luckily for you, being a resident of North Vancouver, you have many options at your fingertips that will suit your particular style of dating. Whether you'd prefer to be straightforward or sly in your matchmaking activities, there's something in your neighbourhood to suit every style. Good luck, be yourself and have fun – love may just be right around your own corner.