Trends come and go, but one fashion staple that never seems to quite go out of style is head-wear. Between the new young Royals flaunting there trendy hats to seeing them on the red carpet to the hottest runway shows – hats are making a strong comeback. I always love going into hat shops and trying on all the different styles and oohing and aahing at the lavish hats for weddings and very special occasions. Hats are virtually always in with the fashions of the time, and 2014 is certainly no exception. The process of hat making, or millinery, is an interesting one and something that most people find quite fascinating, both hat makers and hat lovers alike! Whether you're looking for a wide-brimmed hat for a day at the races, or just some simple head-wear for your everyday ensemble, check out these popular Vancouver hat shops and milliners.

Ideas Abuzz: Hive Mind Millinery

Vancouver-based designer Dominique Hanke has an intense passion for hat making, and the love that goes into producing these hats is clearly evident in the final product. This English expat runs his millinery, Hive Mind, with many inspirations and ideas abuzz. Offering a local and fresh take on millinery around Vancouver, Hive Mind offers a sense of modernity paired with the contemporary classics. Hive Mind hats can be seen at a number of fashion-related events around the city, and they also offer the opportunity for custom-made hats for that special event. Hive Mind is located at 788 W 8th Avenue.

A Yaletown Classic: Goorin Bros.

Perhaps one of the most popular hat shops in the downtown area of Vancouver is Goorin Bros. in Yaletown, which was the hat shop's first Canadian store. Stepping into this shop, you'll feel as if you've entered hat heaven and are suddenly back in the 1920s; with so many different styles and brims to choose from, you'll certainly fall in love with the fashion of hats if you haven't already. This is a very common place for Vancouverites to flock to when it comes to getting a new, fashion-forward brim, and their affordable prices are an encouraging factor as well. Located at 1188 Hamilton Street, you'll be able to find a new hat or two for everyone in the family - including the little ones!

Combating the Weather: The Granville Island Hat Shop

The owners of the Granville Island Hat Shop are huge supporters of fending off Vancouver's often unpredictable weather in style - and of course - with hats! Originally known as Edie's Hat Shop, the store has recently undergone a facelift to keep up with the business of hatting the heads of Vancouverites. Located at 4-1666 Johnston Street, be sure to pay the hat shop a visit the next time you go to the market for your fresh groceries. This shop offers hat repair, refurbishment and custom work, and you'll be sure to find something fresh for your head.

After you've put the effort in to visit these hat shops and milliners in Vancouver, you'll certainly want to take your hat off to them as much as you'll want to put your new hat on! So get out there and see what Vancouver has to offer you in the world of hats. You never know, you might just become that "hat person" you never thought you could be!