The coffee culture here in the lower mainland is close to an obsession. Coffee houses have popped up literally everywhere, all with a different vibe and specialty. Offering up roasts and blends that are as unique as the people who enjoy them. Everyone has “there place” that is a go to, second home for some of us. Meeting with friends, catching up on emails or just sitting back listening to old eighties pop and being served by the hipster generation. Whether you prefer to think of yourself as a caffeine enthusiast or a caffeine addict, chances are you appreciate a quality cup of coffee and are always eager to try the latest and greatest brews. This city is basically a paradise for coffee drinkers. In the city's west end in particular, there are a handful of places that can offer you some of the best coffee you'll likely ever drink. So if you're on the lookout for a new location to frequent, here are a few of the top coffee houses in West Vancouver where you can get your fix.

Decades of Quality from Bean Around the World

With its two convenient locations in West Vancouver – one at 2121 Marine Drive and another at 1522 Marine Drive – Bean Around the World is a chain of Vancouver based coffee houses, the first of which was established in the city's west end 24 years ago in 1990. Since then, having opened an additional 20 independently owned and operated locations, the chain has been consistently serving up some of the finest brews of coffee available anywhere. As their name suggests, their beans come from all over the world from growers who have been in the business for generations and who understand the optimal conditions in which to produce beans of the highest calibre. The origins of their most popular brews use fresh beans from Costa Rica, Panama, Cuba, Peru, Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, Colombia, Java, Sumatra, Timor, Sulawesi, Yemen, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania. With dozens of different roasts available, from dark to light and everything in between, at Bean Around the World you can try a different exotic brew each time you pay them visit.

A Selection of Delicious Brews at Delany's Coffee House

Positioned at the heart of the West Vancouver community, you can visit Delany's Coffee House at 2424 Marine Drive. There you'll get to experience first-hand a family coffee business that prides itself both on its flavourful brews and the integral part it strives to play each day in the broader community. Delany's wants to be your go to spot in West Vancouver when it comes to great coffee, and to set themselves apart they've managed to create a café setting of rustic, welcoming charm where you can enjoy your drink in peace and be among friends. Their top brews for you to indulge in include Delany's Espresso (a mix of rich African and Indonesian blends), Delany's Premium Blend (a mix of Middle Eastern and South American Blends), Grouse Grind (a smooth, mid-range roast), Sumatra (a thick, medium-dark roast), Handsworth (their most popular dark roast), and Carson (their darkest available roast).

Meet Your Fellow Coffee Lovers at Crema Coffee Bar and Bakery

As a popular West Vancouver coffee house, Crema Coffee Bar and Bakery, located at 1495 Bellevue Avenue, is known for their coffee obsession, in what they themselves call a "mad-scientist-Picasso like way." Their entire purpose from morning until evening is to supply all their customers with coffee that is not only freshly prepared on the spot, but also comes from the best quality beans and produces an optimal mixture of flavours and aromas. They've spent many years tweaking their menu of available roasts in order to improve their selection and satisfy the palate of any coffee addict. Making up that menu, and available for purchase either by the cup or the bag, are roasts from Guatemala such as La Soledad, roasts from El Salvador such as Monte Rey Bambu and Finca El Carmen, and roasts from Panama including Carmen Estate in coffee or espresso form. Whichever you choose, your craving will be satisfied very quickly at Crema Coffee Bar and Bakery.

A need for coffee is one that has to be filled at some point for most of us, and if you're in the West Vancouver area you're in as good a spot as any to do so. Each of these locations are unique in their own regard when it comes to their setting and available roasts, but all are more than capable of supplying delicious brews that are certain to please. See you at the coffee house!