Personally, I am an open minded eater. Preferring whole foods, not processed with big flavours. Over the years I have tried many a food trend, one that I had yet to embrace was the Vegan lifestyle. I was intrigued and decided to learn more about it. So I went out my door to explore what I could find locally here in North Vancouver, and I found much more than what I first expected.

If you’re someone who has special dietary needs, North Vancouver might be just the place to be - second perhaps to no other than trendy Yaletown. Being vegan isn't always an easy lifestyle to maintain, especially when you're busy and on the go, but after talking openly with some tried and true Vegan's they say it certainly is rewarding once you get into the habit of it. One thing that can make it even easier is to learn about and enjoy some vegan-friendly cuisine in your area. Here are some North Vancouver neighbourhood spots to get your well-deserved and much sought after vegan cuisine.

The Raw Vegan: Cafe by Tao

Tao Organics is a perfect cafe to enjoy your quick breakfast or lunch, and they offer an entire menu of delicious and healthy items, each of which is not only vegan, but also fully organic, fully raw, and fully wheat and dairy free. For the vegan who has also gone raw, Tao Organics might be just the place where you end up eating almost daily. With the incredible menu, Tao makes eating pizza, cake, and crepes a healthy and enjoyable practice. Visit Cafe by Tao at 120 - 260 Esplanade West.

A Beautiful Lifestyle with Buddha-Full

For the vegan who wants to be beautiful, Buddha-Full is the perfect place to enjoy a fresh, vegan, and organic smoothie on the go. Established by two passionate foodies from Vancouver Island in 2010, Buddha-Full was the first organic, vegan, and raw cafe in the North Shore, and this cafe continues to appease the locals with their fresh juices, smoothies, and cuisine. Their menu consists mainly of smoothies and juices, with some creative key menu items for eats, such as the raw nut burger and the vegan grilled cheese Panini. The cafe also provides an eclectic and warm atmosphere to enjoy your vegan, organic, and gluten-free favourites. Stop by Buddha-Full’s convenient location at 106 West 1st Street.

Quick Vegan at Wrapzone

For a quick and central bite to eat that is still fresh and vegan, consider visiting Wrapzone on Lonsdale. Located at 1829 Lonsdale Avenue, you can find several vegan-friendly and health-conscious options at this small, quick-serve chain of restaurants, which serves mainly wraps and smoothies. The vegan-friendly Wrapzone menu also offers tofu and Gardein "chick’n" for wraps, as well as rice bowls. Don't miss out on your vegan-friendly, quick-service convenience; visit Wrapzone in a hurry, and get fed without any worries!

With several different options for getting your vegan sustenance daily, all with a dash of convenience, North Vancouver makes it easy to live an enjoyable vegan lifestyle. Once you've committed to the lifestyle choice of becoming vegan, your reasoning for doing so will likely keep you on the track of being health and food-conscious in every aspect of your life. As vegan, raw, and gluten-free diets become more and more popular in Vancouver, we are only bound to see more suitable cuisine options sprouting up on the North Shore.