I believe that there is no substitute for good home design. If you're about to build or design your very own dream home, then you know that nailing the right design the first time around is absolutely necessary for success. Since you'll be spending a lot of time inside your home, it only makes sense to make it as comfortable and liveable as possible. You can't take anything for granted when you design your dream home. Here are four tips that I am hoping will get you through this process more easily and with more favourable results.

Go With a Good Architect

This is easier said than done. Home design is always a cooperative process between you, the homeowner, and the architect. Ensure you're at least compatible with the person you choose as the architect. When interviewing different architects, be sure to ask them questions to find out about their working style to see if it's similar to yours. Another important need is to be able to communicate freely and openly with your architect, as open lines of communication ensure project success. Being able to form a solid trusting relationship is key. They hold your vision in there hands after-all.  You have to feel really good about the partnership.

Choose a Desirable Location

As they say in Real Estate – Location, Location, Location! Finding a good site for your dream home is essential because you need to like the environment around your new house, not just the house itself. Furthermore, where the house is built is going to, in large part, decide other vital factors of the construction, such as the materials used for construction and the design of the home itself. Features to look for that are popular with homeowners are things like a great view and copious amounts of natural light. It is also wise to check in with the City, see if any new developments such as schools,  fire halls commercial buildings are going to be popping up in your would be neighbourhood.

Think About Your Own Lifestyle

A good place to start in brainstorming the design of your dream home is to think about what your ideal lifestyle would be. The design should be built around that vision. Essentially, how you will live in your new home must be the basis on which the design for your dream house unfolds. This can include anything as basic as how you want to carry laundry up and down the stairs to how you fix your meals for dinner in the evening. Everything is applicable in this category.

Only Spend on Material Goods That Support the Design

Just because you think a nice chandelier will look fancy in your dream home doesn't mean you ought to splurge on it. A good rule to follow is to always ensure that what you put into your home supports the overall design philosophy. At the same time, it's advised that you spend more money on the functional items that form the backbone of the home itself. This includes the basics, like doors and windows. Many of these purchases will effect your finances down the road. Green design, energy efficient appliances or thermal windows can help in re-sale as well as keep costs down.

Thanks to these four helpful tips, you're all set to go in designing your new dream home. Design comes down to getting the fundamentals right. Once those are in place, then everything will follow from that to create a home design that you will love for decades to come. Take your time and carefully weigh each decision in this vital process, because every step matters when it comes to creating your dream home.