5 Easy Home Fixes That Will Help You Get the Sale Price You Want

One of the challenges that can come with selling your Vancouver home is failing to get your asking price as a result of home deficiencies. If you’re trying to sell your house, but are constantly receiving low-ball offers, here are five quick and easy things you can do to boost your home’s value.

Sometimes All it Takes is a New Coat of Paint

As the walls in your house can develop a variety of stains and nicks from day-to-day life, painting can be an easy way to spruce up your living space. Though you may want to stick to lighter hues in the halls and the entrance, you could opt for some more distinct (but still muted) colours in the living room, bedrooms and bathrooms. While you'll want to consider who your buyer is so that you can determine what they will like, it's a good idea to stay relatively understated when it comes to paint.

Do Sweat the Small Stuff: Make Minor Repairs

If your home is in need of minor repairs and you’ve been procrastinating, it will be very important for the successful sale of your home to complete them before any potential buyers take a look at your house. As any repairs that are left undone can alert a potential homeowner to a host of home issues they haven't yet noticed, these small fixes shouldn't cost a bundle and can make a big difference in the price of your house. This can include things like tightening leaky faucets and oiling door hinges that squeak.

Give the Kitchen a Miniature Makeover

As this is one of the areas that can make or break a sale, having a kitchen that is a little modernized can go a long way towards selling success. While this doesn't mean an expensive renovation is required, you can try little things like switching out the light fixture or replacing an old faucet. You may even want to reface your kitchen cabinets for a cost that is less than replacement, as this can have a huge impact on the appearance of your kitchen.

Add In Some Storage Space

While storage space can seem like one of the minor aspects of a home sale, not having enough storage can actually leave many potential buyers with a bad impression. Though putting in new closet space is an unrealistic and costly expense, you can more effectively utilize what you have by installing an organization system into your kitchen cupboards, bedroom closet and even your living room space that will make storage a cheap and accessible option.

Be Conscious of Design Details

Some of the fixes that will have the biggest impact on your potential buyers are the simple details of your home. While you'll want to make sure that the colour palette of your rooms are both complimentary and up-to-date, you may also want to add a few finishing touches - like a bundle of flowers or a welcome mat for the door.

As the business of selling your home and getting the price you're asking for can be a bit of a gamble, you can ensure your success in the Vancouver real estate market by making some minor upgrades. From making small repairs to adding a fresh coat of paint, there are many easy ways to make sure your house will impress your potential buyers. These minor home repairs will help you get your asking price without breaking the bank.