Independent Gastown: The Crème De La Crème of Men’s Clothing Boutiques

Gastown is Vancouver's oldest neighbourhood and one of the most stylish shopping districts in the world. If you are on the lookout for the best in men's fashion trends from indie designers, Gastown is impossible to overlook. You won't find a higher concentration of men's boutique shops anywhere else in Vancouver. Here are the best of the best.

Discover Upscale Minimalism at Roden Gray

Clothes hang from simple racks positioned alongside a minimalistic white brick wall, but don't be fooled by the store's simple design. The selection is nothing short of mesmerizing. The two-story shop is enough to keep the style conscious male busy for hours. You can find classics like Wings + Horns, Givenchy, and Thom Browne alongside up and coming brands such as Barena, Swimology and Aspesi. Such selection comes at a price, of course, and while Roden Gray is certainly one of the more expensive stores in Gastown, its patrons remark that the goods are well worth their price.

Explore Unique Designers at Inventory

What started in 2009 as a biannual publication concerned with design and culture has grown into a retail store with a unique mindset. Forget about trends. Instead, focus on innovative designers and brands. Inventory carries a handpicked selection of clothing as well as publications, objects, and art that the urbane man will love. Here you can find brands like The Real McCoy's, Red Wing, John Smedley, Needles, Sassafras, and orSlow. Inventory’s Gastown location is one of only four worldwide, and is well worth a visit.

Browse the Best Quality at Neighbour

With a space more akin to a friend's apartment than a high-end clothing boutique, Neighbour has a very inviting feel. The store eschews extravagant brand names and looks for quality in clothing instead of recognition. The store carries several brands, even some imported from Belgium, London, Paris and Japan. Inside you can find offerings from 1205, Stephan Schneider, Acne, Melinda Gloss and many, many more. Neighbour even designs its own original items to complement clothing available in store. This is another must visit shop in Gastown.

Unleash Your Inner Man at Fortknight

This boutique is relatively new, having opened in December of 2012, but it has received a lot of attention in the year since. There is much more than clothing to find inside this shop. You can browse accessories such as locally handmade briefcases and messenger bags, Italian-made fountain pens, designer watches, handkerchiefs, and even a selection of well-crafted electric guitars. There are also barbers on hand in case you need a trim. Fortknight is a shop that caters to the whole man, not just their wardrobe. For this reason, it is certainly stands out among the unique boutiques in Gastown.

A visit to Gastown is a one-of-a-kind experience. It is an epicenter of fashion, and style conscious gentlemen would do well to visit any or all of these five shops. Each one has something unique to offer, ranging from a minimalist aesthetic in shop design to a convenient barbershop service, and it is hard to leave disappointed.