You Think You Can Dance? These Same Sex Dance Nights Will Prove You Right (or Wrong)

Vancouver is a city rich in nightlife, and it’s home to a great gay community. Upscale clubs play today's hit music, and people come out to move, groove, and show off. There are pubs and bars around the city that have dance floors that fill up once the sun goes down. If you are looking for men only, or maybe a ladies night, there are always upcoming dates for same sex dance parties. Here are some of Vancouver's most popular same sex places to dance.

Famous Celebrities Hosts the Gay Elite

One of Vancouver's hottest gay and lesbian clubs is Celebrities. This famous spot is a great place to go for a night out, and it’s sure to have some of the best dancing in the city. The club has its name for a good reason; you never know when you will have a celebrity sighting. This iconic club has hosted big stars like Boy George and Tiesto on occasion. Celebrities nightclub hosts great events and ticketed shows regularly, and has also hosted some big name performers. Check out Vancouver's top gay and lesbian nightclub, Celebrities, and see when they are hosting their next men only or ladies night out.

Man Up and Get Down at the Cobalt

The Cobalt is one of Vancouver's popular straight bars, and it’s just as popular with the gay community. The Cobalt hosts a same sex dance night on the last Saturday of every month. It is always a crazy good time at Cobalt's monthly drag king show and queer dance party. This is a great chance to get your friends together for a boys’ night out. If you discover at one of the Cobalt's Man Up events that you do have what it takes to hit the stage, come back on the first Sunday of the month. This is when Cobalt hosts its amateur drag night, and the winner is invited back for a paid gig. Who knows, maybe they'll ask you back to perform at the next Man Up event.

Finding New Friends and Fun With a Local Meet Up Group

Vancouver is known as a gay friendly community with a good club scene. There are, however, few spots that are exclusive to only men or women. Most doors leading to dance are open to anyone looking for a good time. People in Vancouver don't like to leave anybody out. What they do have in the city is a ton of meet up groups. Finding a meet up that interests you is a great way to get out into the city and meet new people. Once you find a meet up that you are interested in, it is easy to join or check out the group at their next meet up. You never know who you will meet, or what you may have been missing.

It doesn't matter the day, or if you are straight or gay—Vancouver has a hot dance club for you. Choose a night to head out on the city and dance the night away. There are great places to discover, and new friends to meet. If you do find out that you really can’t dance (yet), that's fine too. Part of the fun is just letting lose and having fun. Whether you look amazing or goofy out on the dance floor, you are always in for a good time out on Vancouver's gay scene.