Luxury for Dogs: North Shore Doggie Day Spas That Will Pamper Your Pooch

When you're new to the neighbourhood, you want to look and feel your best as you meet your neighbours. It's no different for dogs, so if you and your hound are new to the North Shore area, why not help your companion impress his new friends? Swing by one of these doggie day spas for a day of grooming and luxury treatment, and let your dog discover the meaning of bliss.

Bark Avenue Grooming & Bath: Custom Built to Pamper Your Pet

The folks at Bark Avenue in North Vancouver know all about providing a luxury grooming experience for your faithful companion. At their custom built facility you can wash your pup yourself at a self-serve dog wash station, or let their accredited professionals give your dog the full-serve treatment. Clacking nails will be trimmed and matted clumps will be removed. Even if your faithful companion has run afoul of a skunk during a walk in the park, these pet care professionals have the facilities and the expertise to get him looking and smelling good again. Good news for cat owners: your kitty can come to Bark Avenue for a spa day, too!

Sweet Face Dog Grooming Inc.: A Luxury Experience Right in Your Neighbourhood

Whether your dog needs a full groom or a less intensive wash and brush, North Vancouver's Sweet Face Dog Grooming offers you the service you need. Treat your dog to a full groom and let Sweet Face's experts provide a bath, haircut, ear and pad clean-up and nail clipping. If your furry friend only needs a bath and some brushing, you can opt for the Bath & Tidy service. Charges are by the hour and there's plenty of parking space out front. Sweet Face also offers grooming classes for dog owners who want to try their own hand as a pet stylist.

The Village Groom Dog Spa: Two Decades of Service

If you're looking for a dog spa with experience and an outstanding reputation in the community, you can't do much better than The Village Groom Dog Spa in West Vancouver. Having been in business for over 20 years, these groomers pride themselves on the great relationships they build with their clients, canine and human. The Village Groom earned distinction last year by making the short list of finalists for the West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce's Best Small Business Award. With plans to modernize their facilities and expand their client base, you can feel free to drop by, meet the staff, and set a date for your dog to get spoiled by the best in the business.

These dog groomers understand that they aren't dealing with pets. Your canine companions are members of the family and deserve to have their every desire catered to just as much as you do. You can rest assured that these animal professionals will give your dog the grooming care they need while providing a happy and relaxing atmosphere. So don't be surprised if your pup starts wagging his tail and barking in excitement when you say it's time to go for a haircut.