Funky Cafes in West Vancouver That You Won’t Be Able to Resist

West Vancouver has a variety of great amenities for residents, however, there’s one thing that few Vancouverites can do without: a good cup of coffee. That’s why there are several funky cafes to satisfy residents’ and visitors’ coffee cravings, and some that are simply irresistible. Serving spectacular specialty coffees and decadent desserts, these three cafes encapsulate the concept of West Vancouver living.

Crema on Bellevue: Perfectly Prepared Pastries Served Fresh Daily

Crema is the crème de la crème of cafes in Vancouver, and does not believe in shortcuts. Pastries and desserts are baked fresh everyday, and always made with quality ingredients. Everything the cafe serves looks as good as it smells, and tastes even better. Their coffee creations do not disappoint, either. Presentation and perfection are two things they take seriously at Crema. The staff spends hours tweaking recipes and perfecting brewing techniques. To ensure that the cafe only uses the best ingredients and finest coffee, there is always sipping, testing and tasting happening behind the scenes. The atmosphere is always buzzing, and the baristas are delightful. Crema is a local favourite that is worth discovering. You can find Crema at 1495 Bellevue Avenue.

Greenhorn Cafe: A Fresh New Favourite in Town

There is a new coffee shop in West Vancouver, and word is spreading fast. Located at 994 Nicola Street, Greenhorn Cafe and Espresso Bar serves desserts and brunch items that are so delicious, it might just become your new favourite spot. Featuring fresh brewed and locally roasted moji coffee beans and serving vegan and gluten free options, the menu caters to every taste, appetite and diet. The space itself is a great size, and has a fresh and contemporary feel. The cafe features a variety of art pieces, all of which are for sale. The energy is great at Greenhorn, and the friendly service is welcoming.

Award-Winning Italian Style and Flavour at Caffe Artigiano

The atmosphere at Caffe Artigiano has an authentic Italian feel, and is quite inviting. This cafe is home to award-winning baristas who serve up some of Vancouver's best caffeinated drinks. The servers here are quite fond of latte art, and have been known to craft trees, horses, hearts and more. Using only the finest single origin coffees, Caffe Artigiano sources its beans through direct trade relationships with growers. As a result, customers enjoy coffee that is the finest and freshest possible. With multiple locations in the Vancouver area, Caffe Artigiano has made its way into the lives of many Vancouverites, and justly so. The menu is impressive, and the food is as good as the coffee! Pleasing pastries and a flavourful menu make Caffe Artigiano a great spot for lunch or for your next coffee date.

West Vancouver is a beautiful place to live, and a great place to be a coffee lover. Quality and luxury are two things that are plentiful in the area, and these cafes do not disappoint. Operated by artisans with strong passion and exceptional skill for their craft, these locations have mastered the art of coffee. They are all worth discovering, and one might even replace your current coffee connection. Check out these favourite funky cafes in West Vancouver - you will be glad you came.