4 Unique Places to Eat in Gastown That Are Worth Drooling Over

Lined with cobblestone streets, a famous steam clock, and the shops of independent fashion designers, historic Gastown in Vancouver now offers more unique places to dine than any part of town in recent years. These four restaurants are both unique and welcomed by a thriving neighbourhood that has everything to offer.

Pidgin - Flavours You Cannot Protest

Famous in the media for its anti-gentrification protestors, Pidgin endured the worst when it opened in 2013, but it has proven that it is here to stay. Patrons of Pidgin leave politics at the door when they enter this oasis of food and drink, and they experience a culinary experience like they've never had before. Asian-inspired shared plates prove to be the only thing anyone can fight over, and while the restaurant itself is chic and modern, your manners will likely be left at the door when you find yourself resisting the urge to lick your plate clean of uniquely sourced ingredients. Their stunning cocktails are a sight—these creations are clearly composed by a cocktail technician you'll be happy to watch for hours in this inviting, relaxed atmosphere that invites you to come in and stay a while.

Wildebeest - A Beast of Its Own

Organic, locally sourced, whole-animal cookery is the name of the game here, and nobody prepares meat as they do at Wildebeest. Guests are encouraged to place a reservation not solely for the purpose of reserving a table, but also to allow the kitchen to prepare a slow roasted meal for your party. A menu titled "Premeditated Gluttony" is offered online for tables of three to eight or more, as all the dishes are prepared "family-style" and are meant to be shared. Offering up an array of lamb, beef, quail, pork with some bone marrow, foie gras, and even oysters, to name a few, nothing from this menu is missing. With its rustic décor, large wooden tables, and overall ambiance promoting a social atmosphere to go with the menu, you'll feel like you've stepped into a magical cabin up north.

Salt Tasting Room - Meat, Cheese, and Wine - Oh My!

Located in the tastefully named "Blood Alley," Salt Tasting Room offers an authentic European Deli menu in a friendly, wine-pairing environment. Plated on a cutting board, the menu boasts three specialties—meat (sliced), cheese, and condiments. These three specialties are on a constant rotation, depending on what's in season. This unique dining concept does not require a game of "follow the server" at an event, but rather brings these delicacies right to your table, allowing you to pair your condiments with every bite as you so please.

Calabash Bistro - Classic Caribbean Style

An oldie but a goodie, with authentic Caribbean dishes ranging from oxtail stew, jerk chicken, plantains, patties, and an array of curries, with a side of real ginger beer or a cocktail that will literally knock your socks off. Calabash boasts the friendliest staff in town, and the best live bands to meet your jazz, R&B, reggae, or old school hip hop needs. Enjoy your dinner with some music or have a quiet romantic meal upstairs, but be sure to check out their music schedule online first; you’ll most certainly want to stay for dinner and dance! 

Filled with bars, breweries, lounges, dance clubs, and live shows, Gastown has everything to offer for a night out. Start with one of these four restaurants to kick your night off in style whether you're on a date or out with a group of friends. You'll leave happy and full, with plenty of options to keep the party going.