Home Design Trends for 2014 What to Expect for the Year Ahead

If you're looking to update your colour scheme or refresh the home front, there's no better way to start than to look inside your closet. Home design trends for 2014 start on the runway and end up in your living room. This is an exciting time for the Vancouver real estate market as homeowners prepare for selling their condo or house. There is no better time to consider revamping the old to make way for the new.Fashion designers are setting the trend this year toward brightness, vibrant hues and a subtle nod to 90s style. But the main home design trends also focus on freshness and simplicity. So where to begin? 

Blue Is The Hue: Home Design Trends Look SkywardGranted, this year, as every year, has been a forgiving West Coast winter. But as you shake off the winter blues, get ready for the spring blues. That's right, deep and vibrant Dazzling Blue (Pantone's number one seller in fashion) and Pantone's muted Placid Blue are going to be major players as far as home design trends go in 2014. When it comes to painting the interior of the house, the colour blue will be wildly popular. In the Vancouver real estate market, beige may be fine for the exterior - but if you still have those tan chinos in the closet, it's time to move on.

All Things Bright And BeautifulOne of the major new home design trends you're going to start seeing is the addition of various metallic accents. Clean lines created by silver and gold accessories add a touch of glamour and sparkle that can immediately brighten a room. Mixing and matching metals is highly encouraged. Whether it's the legs of a side table, or an accent lamp, metals are definitely in for 2014. If simplicity is the goal of your decor, keeping your palette leaning toward black and white is acceptable, but think about adding a touch of brass for some much needed bling.

Eclectic Is In: Home Design Trends With An Asian InfluenceA quick and easy fix for a dull room is to add accent pillows and accessories. Consider the ornate patterns you see in Asian-influenced pillow coverings and art. When staging homes for sale in Vancouver, real estate agents often bring in colourful and eclectic accent pieces. Mixing patterns and tone is no longer a fashion faux pas. Instead, the chameleon look can make a room feel more active and give it a visual ‘pop’ that gets attention. Just beware of too much noise. Remember there should always be a balance of warm and cool, of busy and static. Regardless of the home design trends that will come and go over the decades, balance is always the key to a great room.

If you're considering entering the Vancouver real estate race, put some effort into researching the coming home design trends. 2014 is going to be a big year for interior design, and buyers don't want to see a home’s past – they want to see its future. With a few simple changes and additions, you can update your home’s décor and make it a great place to live – or a valuable property to sell.