You’ll Have a Love/Hate Relationship With These Amazing Vancouver Karaoke Bars

Vancouver is filled with a great number of restaurants, bars and clubs. Beyond your standard nightlife, though, is a Karaoke scene where anyone can take the stage and perform. There are some amazing Karaoke bars in Vancouver, where all types come to have a turn at the microphone. Whether you are looking to rock out to local favourites or international hits, there is a place to go and do it. Although we cannot comment on the talent of the performers, these are some of Vancouver's best Karaoke bars.

Rock Out at Hippos Sports Bar and GrillThursdays through Sundays, Hippos Sport Bar and Grill is a Karaoke hot spot. Prepare to feel like a rock star as you take the stage at Hippos in Vancouver. Highlight your performance with stage and strobe lighting – or belt out tunes with fog machines pumping out billowing clouds all around you. The bar has a capacity of 350 people and plenty of room for dancing. The Karaoke system sports four different languages and a selection of over fifty thousand songs. When you’re finished rocking out to “Don’t Stop Believing”, you can purchase a DVD copy of your performance to take home with you. Hippo Sports Bar and Grill also has good food and a fun atmosphere, making it the perfect setting for both mind blowing and ear maiming Karaoke performances.

An Authentic Experience at Fantacity KaraokeFantacity is an upscale Karaoke bar, with private rooms and a trendy atmosphere that tends to draw the young single crowd. Fantacity is a great place to hit the town with your friends. Prices are higher then what you would expect to pay at a Karaoke pub, but is an entirely different experience. Private rooms save sheepish singers from the unforgiving crowd, making Fantacity a great place to go if you’re new to Karaoke or you can’t carry a tune in a bucket. The best of Karaoke is sometimes the worst, but Fantacity is definitely one of Vancouver's best Karaoke bars.

Whether you want to blow of steam and let loose in front of a microphone, or take in an authentic Karaoke experience, there is a place in Vancouver to do it. You never know who will surprise you when they get up on stage. You might even be surprised at your own performance. Instead of taking in a show on your next night out, why not be a part of one? Head to one of these Karaoke bars in Vancouver, and remember to watch your pitch.