Are You a Condo Dweller or House Proud? See Which Category You Fit into Best

(March 03, 2014 )

We all enjoy different things, and Vancouver is home to a variety of lifestyles. Vancouver real estate offers many different options when it comes to housing, meaning there is something for every buyer. Location and amenities tend to go hand in hand, and often impact each other. In the core of the city you'll find great condo options, while in the surrounding neighbourhoods and suburbs you'll find more single-family homes and townhouses. Let's look over both sides of the fence between condos and houses, and see which option is right for you.

The Grass is Greener in the Suburbs

Having running room for pets and children is a necessity for some, and others feel 'the bigger the better' when it comes to yard size. Those with a green thumb love digging in the flowerbeds, and take great pride in their lawns and landscaping. Outdoor living space is something that many families look for while on the house hunt. If a yard is on your wish list, condo living may not be for you. It should be noted, though, that having all that green space comes with a price tag. The big yard and detached home means lots of upkeep and constant repairs. 

'Do it yourselfers' may welcome the work, while other homeowners simply could not be bothered. Paying monthly strata fees and skipping some of the workload is something that appeals to many homebuyers who are looking for convenience. If, however, you prefer to carve out your own piece of paradise and take pride in doing so, a house is the ideal option.

Privacy is a Premium When Sharing Walls and Floors

Condo living is great for the laid back and quiet type, but what if you are a loud or heavy-footed individual? Depending on the insulation of the building this may not be an issue, but in some situations it could prevent your house from feeling like a home. If you tend to be particularly loud or like to dance and entertain, make sure find a building that accommodates your lifestyle. Some buildings are oriented to different types of occupancy, and this can be important when in the market for a condo. You are buying a home of course, but you are also buying into a building (complete with neighbours). This is also true if you’re a quiet individual who prefers seclusion. Privacy is at a premium when it comes to condo living, and owners need to be able to live peacefully with each other. 

Looking at the High and Lows of Condo Living

Moving up is an exciting time, but not if it is to a high-rise and you are afraid of heights. A million dollar view is valuable to lots of people, but living high up is not for everyone. If you feel the trek from parking to doorstep may be too much, frequently fumbling with large loads will be of little interest. Those with an active lifestyle may not see this as an inconvenience, or even as a challenge. Minimalists wouldn't have a problem at all, and some would see it as an opportunity to 'lighten their load'. If you only do a little shopping at a time every couple of days this could be a great choice for you, as long as you don't mind heights.

Still don't know where your ideal lies? If you decide you are house-proud and you still want to live in the city, you do have options. There are many great neighbourhoods with single-family homes around the city. Although you will be able to get closer to inner city areas, you will pay for the luxury. New development is happening all the time, all over Vancouver. Condos are popping up in suburbs, making home ownership more affordable for first-time buyers. Wherever you find yourself living, make sure it fits your needs and feels like home.

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